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Jerusalem-Mt. Pleasant UMC

The Church was erected in about 1858 and rebuilt it in 1892. The Montgomery County 
chapter of the NAACP was founded here in 1937 and the building housed 
graduation ceremonies for the Rockville Colored High School through the 1950s.

Established in 1845, The Rockville Circuit of the Methodist Episcopal Church served 527 Black and 715 White members.

The original church building was segregated—Whites entered the front door and sat in the main sanctuary while free Blacks and those enslaved were relegated to a gallery upstairs. Communion was offered first to Whites and only when they were finished and had left the church were Blacks offered communion. Some Black church members refused to participate in such an outwardly racist system—rather than attend church, they listened through the windows.

Tensions at the church reached a peak immediately preceding and during the Civil War. Proslavery parishioners formed the M.E. Church South in 1863, and after legal disputes, relinquished ownership of this building to the predominantly-Black, anti-slavery segment of the former congregation in 1868. It was renamed Jerusalem M.E. Church in 1881 and merged with Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church in 1989.

The Hebrons were long-time members of the Jerusalem-Mt. Pleasant Church. Jesse served as treasurer for almost 52 years and Celestine participated in charitable efforts and fundraising events. Jesse was also well known in the community for his love of music. After the Hebrons died in 1997, Jerusalem Church purchased their house, using it for administrative offices.

Photo credits: Peerless Rockville (both).

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