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MoCoLMP Issues 2022 Annual Highlights

Read an overview of our activities in the past year here.

-Feb 2023






"Now We Know Their Names" published in The Atlantic
Noted author Clint Smith, inspired by his attendance at the MoCoLMP remembrance and soil collection ceremony held in Rockville, Maryland in September 2021, has published, "Now We Know Their Names:  In Maryland a memorial for two lynching victims reveals how America is grappling with its history of racial terror."   Smith's  New York Times best selling book, "How the Word is Passed" was selected as a New York Times 10 Best Books of 2021 and was winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award for Nonfiction. listed for   Read the story here
.  - Updated Feb 2023



Racial Justice Essay Contest Winners Announced

On Tuesday, November 30, 2021, the winners of the first Racial Justice Essay Contest, co-sponsored by the Equal Justice Initiative and the Montgomery County Lynching Memorial Project, were announced and recognized in a virtual ceremony held by the Montgomery County Council (link begins with a brief video of our Soil Ceremony that was shown to the County Council).  The winners and titles of their essays follow.


First place
Sierra Stubbs, "Rewriting the Narrative on Racial Terror"
12th grade, Richard Montgomery High School


Second place

Nicolette Abrams, "The History of Unequal Access to Education in America and Montgomery County"
1t1h grade, Magruder High School


Third place
George Obongo, "Racial Injustice in Healthcare"
11th grade, Northwest High School


Fourth place
Rachel Smith, "Texturism and the Malice Against Tight Coils"
11th grade, Magruder High School


Fifth place
Allison Xu, "Building a New Era of Racial Justice"
10th grade, Walter Johnson High School


Sixth place
Danielle Coly-Boatang, "The Echoes of Hatred"
9th grade, Montgomery Blair High School


Honorable mentions

Calista Agyapong, 10th grade, Sherwood High School - "March for Racial Justice"

Ayman Bustillo, 12th grade, Magruder High School - "Islamophobia: The forgotten problem caused by others"

Mila Mojto, 10th grade, Bethesda Chevy Chase High School - "Silencing Voices"

Anderly Maradiaga Pasos, 9th grade, Albert Einstein High School -
"My Perspective on the Horrific History of Lynchings in America"



Leaders, Residents Gather in Rockville to Remember Victims of Lynching


The Montgomery County community gathered Sunday, Sept. 26, 2021, in Rockville to memorialize two Black men who were lynched in the late 1800s.  View report by MyMCM (09.27.21).  Watch a video of the event here.

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