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Connecting the Dots is a grassroots collaborative, fighting for Racial and Social Justice. Our mission is to remember, reconcile, educate, and transform. We strive to “connect the dots” of past and current racial injustices to our current situation today by presenting events to the public and by engaging directly with community groups, elected officials, school officials, and policy makers. Our diverse coalition of active community members partners with many organizations, including the Anne Arundel County Branch of the NAACP, the Caucus of African American Leaders, The Equal Justice Initiative, and The Maryland Lynching Memorial Project.


Lynching Victims in Anne Arundel County

  • John Sims, March 23, 1875 (Annapolis)

  • George Briscoe, November 26, 1884 (Jacobsville)

  • Wright Smith, October 5, 1898 (Annapolis)

  • Henry Davis, December 21, 1906 (Annapolis)

  • King Johnson, December 23, 1911 (Brooklyn)

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